rat damage! 7" inch cover " Hang loose....F%^* You!"


registration 2008

This is a poster I won for a design competition, in which the concept was to design a registration poster that deals with the general reminder information and dates for students with the up coming quarter. The main concept was to make the viewer enticed by the materials used with the overall concept. The word, "REGISTRATION". As well as the trees are screen printed. Where as the gridded layout and transparency are digitally printed. The size is around 23"x33" with a 11"x22" transparency. In all ten posters where produced for the Art Institute of California San Francisco California.



This project was implemented with a wood block print for the restaurants name, Nihon as well as the ink illustration to help enforce the Japanese menu offered at this local San Francisco restaurant.




Jalisco tequila his ready to hit the local corner stores! The three types being Reposado, a premium rested still. Oro, the gold version and finally everyone's favorite Blanco, a silver tequila. Funny enough these bad boys spell out rob!


isolation breeds madness!

The gold is almost complete! As well as a start too the second installment of my new work!


giant squid ink

Giant Squid Ink is a high end ink ready to hit the stores this coming holidays. Make sure you pick up a set for the loved ones! Just remember a creature was hurt for this product!


A new contemporary design for a simple everyday product, nails. Adding a bit of class to a lacking packaging seen in every hardware store across the united states.

Ziploc green

This package was inspired with the idea of designing a package that is of already used material. Being the Ziploc bag a self contained item that holds a bike tube. Able to re-use cutting down the waste of the traditional box which 90% of tubes come in today.


Letterpress Love

Fresh of the good old Letterpress as of last week. My first run of business cards, for my friends out there remind me and I will slap you one of your choice!



This is a new work inspired by my last job and what I was able to experience, greed the scum of life and the ability to lose site of your soul. It all stems down to gold baby!

The rough drawing on archival printmaking paper.

An up to date shot of the piece half way to its completion.



the quote translates: " and who are you, finally? I am the being that eternally wills evil and eternally
accomplishes god."



This piece is inspired by my friend Rose. A little love for the Kremlin! A work in progress.


Clear Channel Inc.

Good old Clear Channel! Everyone's favorite corporation, well here is a standards manual I just completed for a branding class. Hand bound accordion binding with all design and printing done by yours truly as well as the re branding of this pain in the ass company.

Immigration 08

Just wrapped up a class dealing with the idea of presenting large amounts of data through a visual piece. So I took it upon myself to create a three poster series on immigration. The first one was has hand illustrated type with a photo taken on Cesar Chavez and Mission here in the city. As you all know a corner that is packed with day laborers during the week. The second poster is a graph of immigrants entering this country from 1925 to 2006. The third and final is the count from country's all over the world in 2006.


Know your product!

I have been real busy lately with projects but here is a quick look at some new work that is close to being finished. If your reading this before March 13th make sure you come support myself and some other talented people at "Cadence." Located at 17th & South Vanness here in San Francisco, 6-10pm!



A few more touch ups and she is done. By the way its all done with a micron 005 and sumi Ink if you where wondering.



Ludicra is a bay area black metal band here in the city. I love there work and decided to print a three color poster for a printing class I had. Four posters in total with two peacock blue and the other two red. The images are based on there second album called " Another Great Love Song," if you haven't heard them than get your ass to the local record store and buy there CD!