I just recently finished a typography class this last quarter that dealt with creating a magazine. I chose to design an art quarterly that highlights artists from different spectrums of art. A deliberate Life, written by Kaelan Smith takes 10 pages in the beginning of the quarterly. I chose a simple clean design template that would work with his story. I feel it came across with success in this project. For the two photo spreads a local artist, Anna Lee Lanier kindly granted me the permission to use her work. Amazing photos! Last but not least a humble native New Yorker Andy McFood. An interview was conducted and put in with photos from past to present artwork. As for the construction of the quarterly its an accordion fold, bound with handmade archival paper for the pages. All design was done by yours truly as well as binding, printing and slicing, man was this time consuming!


Mythos of War II

How about those arms huh! Final outcome of this piece at this time.


Mythos of War

Black sumi ink and micron pen on paper. (In progress)


Typographic Exploration

This project was to implement the full definition of a word conveying the 3 different viewpoints through typographic exploration. Only with the critical viewpoint (metaphor), imagery is introduced to allow the viewer to question the meaning behind the word.



A project based on five things that describe my self. The Box is made from balsa wood and mate board. Where the book is bound by me as well as all artwork that lies in each page. " More comments to come. "

Old Crow

This concept was brought on in a print class I took over summer. I took the good old Bottle of Old crow and gave it a classic yet tasteful new look.


Micron 005 IV

The last one in a two part piece as shown.


digital Illustration

Digital Version

This project was to create a realistic illustration using adobe illustrator. The second step shows the execution of a poster for a local Bay Area museum.


Athabasca Oil Sands

Digital Version

This poster was designed to bring light to the large destruction and pollution that is currently happening in Alberta Canada. The Oil refineries and land being used by Shell Canada and other Oil corporations is the size of Florida and is destroying the near by rivers as well as the Boreal forest. Which is the largest forest in all of Canada to date.


Micron 005 II

This is the second one in the set.

Micron 005

This concept was primarily a series that was started a couple years ago. Recently I chose to bring back my OCD ways and begin to finish what I started.