Clear Channel Inc.

Good old Clear Channel! Everyone's favorite corporation, well here is a standards manual I just completed for a branding class. Hand bound accordion binding with all design and printing done by yours truly as well as the re branding of this pain in the ass company.

Immigration 08

Just wrapped up a class dealing with the idea of presenting large amounts of data through a visual piece. So I took it upon myself to create a three poster series on immigration. The first one was has hand illustrated type with a photo taken on Cesar Chavez and Mission here in the city. As you all know a corner that is packed with day laborers during the week. The second poster is a graph of immigrants entering this country from 1925 to 2006. The third and final is the count from country's all over the world in 2006.


Know your product!

I have been real busy lately with projects but here is a quick look at some new work that is close to being finished. If your reading this before March 13th make sure you come support myself and some other talented people at "Cadence." Located at 17th & South Vanness here in San Francisco, 6-10pm!